Philip LaZebnik
Philip LaZebnik

Filmography (Feature)

Santa’s Daughter 2                 

2020, Screenplay, Deluca Films, Denmark

Richard the Stork 2: The MysteryOf the Great Jewel                      

2020, Screenplay with Reza Memari, Knudsen and Streuber Productions, Berlin, Germany

The Aardvark and the Ark                 

2020, Screenplay, Unified Pictures

Sugar Kid                   

2019, Screenplay, Skopje Film Studio, Macedonia

The Shamer’s Daughter 2: The Serpent’s Gift                     

2019, Screenplay, Nepenthe Film, Denmark

Anna and the Fountain of Life          

2016, Screenplay, Experimentarium/Science North

Emma and Santa Claus                     

2015, Screenplay, Deluca Films, Denmark

Asterix and the Domain of the Gods            

2014, Screenplay, M6 Studio, Paris

The Bachelor King

2013, Narration, Atlantic Productions, London

The Three Investigators: The Mystery of the Silver Spider

2010, Screenplay, Studio Hamburg

Search for Planet X

2009, Screenplay, Sirius Film

The Three Investigators: The Mystery of Terror Castle

2009, Screenplay, Studio Hamburg

The Templar Knights III: The Snake Crown

2008, Screenplay, M&M Productions

The Templar Knights II: The Black Brotherhood

2007, Screenplay, M&M Productions

The Three Investigators: The Secret of Skeleton Island

2007, Screenplay, Studio Hamburg/Walt Disney

The Wild Bunch

2007, Screenplay, The Animation Lab

The Templar Knights

2006, Screenplay, M&M Productions

Asterix and the Vikings

2006, Dialogue, M6 Studio/A Film

Saxo Grammaticus

2006, Film/Story Consultant, Radar Film

The Ugly Duckling

2006, Film/Story Consultant, A. Film

The Legend of El Dorado

2002, Writer, DreamWorks Feature Animation

Lion King 1 1/2

2002, Film/Story Consultant, Disney Television Animation

Mulan II

2002, Film/Story Consultant, Disney Television Animation

Li’l Pimp

2002, Film/Story Consultant, Revolution Studios and Columbia Studios


2001, Film/Story Consultant, DreamWorks Feature Animation and PDI

Prince of Egypt

1999, Screenplay, DreamWorks Feature Animation


1999, Story consultant, DreamWorks Feature Animation and PDI


1998, Screenplay, Disney Feature Animation

Joseph and His Brothers

1998, Rewrite, video feature, DreamWorks TV Animation


1995, Screenplay, Disney Feature Animation

Filmography (TV)

Hafen der Düfte

2013, Teleplay, Teamworx, Das Erste

Ludvig & Julemanden (The Christmas Calendar)

2010-11, TV/TV2 (Denmark), Head writer & various scripts, Deluca Film


2011, screenplay, Teamworx, RTL

Tatort: Death Ship

2008, Teleplay for TV movie, Bremedia, Radio Bremen

Prince of Bengal

2004, Teleplay, DR1 (Denmark Television)

Mutant X

2001, Teleplay, Fireworks Productions/Tribune Company

Twist of Fate

2000, TV pilot, co-creator, Fox Family Channel

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

1994-95, Teleplays, Australian TV

Almost Home

1992-93, Supervising Producer, Disney

The Torkelsons

1991-92, Supervising Producer, Disney

Star Trek: Next Generation

1990, Teleplays, Paramount, wrote episodes: Darmok, Devil’s Due

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

1991, Teleplays, Paramount, wrote 2 episodes


1989-91, Producer, Paramount

Day by Day

1987-89, Story Editor, Producer, Paramount

Theater / Musical

Prince of Egypt

2013-2019 Book for theatrical musical, songs by Stephen Schwartz, Universal/DreamWorks, Theatre Works, CA; Tuacahn Theater, Utah; and Frederica Theater and Royal Opera House, Denmark, 2018, West End, London, 2020

The Devil’s Apprentice

2018, Book for theatrical musical, Denmark

Snow White and Me             

2018-2020 Book and lyrics for theatrical musical with Ronald Kruschak, Music and lyrics by Pippa Cleary


2016, Book for theatrical musical


2012, Book for theatrical musical, songs by Stephen Schwartz, Denmark, 2005; LA

State Street               

2012, Book, music and lyrics, theatrical musical, Chicago

Tour de Farce            

2006, Stage Play, New Jersey Repertory, various European productions

Chicago Premiere Society

1980-1990, Wrote book, music & lyrics for 20 musicals, Chicago, including:

Byrne, Baby, Byrne

1983-86, Co-wrote book, music & lyrics.  Musical political satire, Chicago, Zanies

Summer Stock Murder

1995, Book for theatrical musical; Chicago, several productions following.  Rodgers and Hammerstein Library.




Bachelor of Arts in Classics, Magna Cum Laude, Harvard College, 1976

Overall Deals

DreamWorks, 1995-1999 and Paramount Pictures, 1989-91
Film Teaching Experience
Stephens College: Visiting Professor, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, 2004-7
North by Northwest: Tutor, Bornholm, 2002-7
Danish Film Institute: Film Workshop, Copenhagen, 2003
Den Danske Filmskole: Workshop, Seminar, Copenhagen, 2002-3
Animationhus: Workshop, Viborg, 2003
The Dream Factory: Workshop, Stockholm, 2003
The Script Factory: Workshop, London, 2002

Film/TV Juries

Galway Film Festival: Film jury, Galway, Ireland, 2003
Buster Film Festival: Film jury, Copenhagen, 2002
Annie Awards Los Angeles, 2002
Emmy Student Fellowship: Judging panel, Los Angeles, 2001
Emmy Awards: Los Angeles, 1997-8


Board of Directors, Writers Guild of America, West, 2001-2
Writers Branch Executive Committee, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, 2001-3
Steering Committee, Animation Writers Caucus, WGA, 2000-2
Board of Advisors, E-types, Denmark, 2002-
Organizing Committee, WGA, 2001-2
Artists-Managers Committee, WGA, 2001-2
Writers Negotiating Committee, Cartoonists Union, 2000
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1999-
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 1987-
Writers Guild of America, West, 1987-
Cartoonists Union, Local 839, 1995-


Columbia, Missouri Public Schools Hall of Leaders, Outstanding Alumni, 2000
Annie Award, Best Animation Screenplay, Mulan, 1998
Humanitas Award nomination, Star Trek: Next Generation, Darmok, 1994
8 Joseph Jefferson Citations, Chicago Theatre Awards, Best Play, Summer Stock Murder, 1986

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