Bella Halben will be awarded with the honoary award of the German Camera Award 2023

This year's honorary award of the GERMAN CAMERA AWARD goes to cinematographer Bella Halben.

The statement of the board of trustees states: "Bella Halben gives her films - and thus also the audience - sensitive and strong images that go far beyond the mere visualization of the content and that literally look behind the story." The committee also shows itself impressed by Bella Halben's approach to work: "She puts her camera and her light in the background, but the story and the actors of the film in the foreground and lets them shine there. She loves using the handheld camera to get close to the performers' reactions. Bella Halben doesn't want to miss an acting performance."

Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister wins Independant Spirit Award for "TÁR"  

Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister wins this years Independant Spirit Award in the "Best Cinematography" category for "TÁR" (director Todd Field's new film, starring Cate Blanchett). Watch the trailer here

"Triangle of Sadness" with Sunnyi Melles is Oscar nominated for Best Picture

The new film by Ruben Östlund (The Square) which won the Palme d'Or 2022 at the Cannes Film Festival, is Oscar nominated for Best Picture. In an important role you can see Sunnyi Melles. Triangle Video

Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister is Oscar nominated for "TÁR"  

Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister is Oscar nominated in the "Best Cinematography" category for "TÁR" (director Todd Field's new film, starring Cate Blanchett). Watch the trailer here


Drift - Partners in Crime

The first five episodes of the action drama series Drift - Partners in Crime, written by Brune & Frauenhoff, will air on February 24th. every Friday on Sky and are available in the stream on WOW. Ken Duken and Fabian Busch play the leading roles. Drift tells the story of two mismatched cop brothers who uncover a conspiracy in the security agencies together. A review can be found here.

Pachinko on Apple TV+

The adaptation of the  NY Times bestseller, starring Lee Min-Ho, is highly anticipated. Please find all the details in the Apple press release here. Please watch the trailer here. A recent interview about his DP work in Pachinko you can find here.

The Girlfriend Experience 3 on Amazon

The 3. season of The Girlfriend Experience, which is written, directed and co-executive produced by Anja Marquardt, streams on Amazon in Germany (Starz Channel). The world premiere just happened during this years SXSW festival, where two episodes where shown. Please see the full article here as well as the trailer.

"Romulus" on Magenta TV

The 1st season of "Romulus", a high budget production of Sky Italia about the founding of Rome, is streaming on Telekom's Magenta TV. Enrico Maria Artale directed 4 episodes, Vladan Radovic is the DP of 6 episodes. Watch the trailer here.

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DoP: Florian Hoffmeister
Start Date: February 23, 2023

Triangle of Sadness

Actress: Sunnyi Melles
Start Date: October 13, 2022