Mikael Salomon
Mikael Salomon

Filmography (TV)

The Brave

2018, Director, 1 episode, NBC

The Long Road Home

2017, Director, 3 episodes, National Geographic

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

2017, Director, 1 Episode, The Mark Gordon Company

The Expanse

2017, Director, 2 Episodes, Alcon Entertainment


2016, Director, 2 Episodes, The Weinstein Company


2015-2016, Director, Episode, A&E/Fox TV Studios/44Strong Productions/FinemanEntertainment

Blood & Oil

2015, Director, Episode, Flame Ventures


2014-2015, Director, Multiple Episodes, PlayStation/Sony TV/Circle of Confusion

Big Driver

2014-2015, Director, LIFETIME/Ostar Enterprises

Falling Skies

2013-2014, Director, Episode, TNT/Dreamworks

The Drew Peterson Story

2011-2012, Co-Executive Producer/Director, LIFETIME/Sony TV


2010-2011, Director, Multiple Episodes, STARZ

The Clark Rockefeller Story

2010-2011, Co-Executive Producer/Director, LIFETIME/Sony TV

The Lost Future

2010-2011, Co-Executive Producer/Director, SYFY/Tandem Communications

Unfinished Business

2009-2011, Executive Producer/Director (Pilot), SYFY/Universal MediaStudios/OverbrookEntertainment


2009-2010, Executive Producer/Director (Pilot), TNT/Sony TV

Unnatural History

2009-2010, Executive Producer/Director (Pilot),

Natalee Holloway Story

2009-2010, Co-Executive Producer/Director, LIFETIME/von Zerneck-
Sertner Films

Flirting With 40

2007-2008, Director, LIFETIME


2006-2007, Co-Executive Producer/Director (Pilot), CW/Sony TV/Darren StarProductions


2006-2007, Executive Producer/Director, ABC FAMILY

Over There

2005-2006, Director, Episode, FX/20th Century Fox TV


2005-2006, Director, Episode, HBO/BBC / HBO

The Agency

2001-2003, Consulting Producer/Director (Pilot) & Episode,

CBS/Studios USA/ UniversalPictures/CBS Productions/Radiant Productions


2001-2002, Director, Episode, ABC/Touchstone TV

The Fugitive

2000-2001, Director (Pilot) & Episode, CBS / Warner Bros. / KopelsonEntertainment

Nash Bridges

1998-1999, Director, Episode, CBS/Rysher

Space Rangers

1998-1999, Director (Pilot), CBS

Filmography (Feature Film)

The Mullah's Storm

2016, Director (Attached), Herald Square Entertainment


2013, Director, Envision Media Arts

Hard Rain

1998, Director, Universal Pictures

A Far Off Place

1994, Director, Walt Disney

Filmography (Miniseries)

To Appomattox

2015, 8 episodes, Executive Producer/Director, The Beckner Story Company


2011-2012, Executive Producer/Director, A&E/Scott Free

The Andromeda Strain

2007-2008, Co-Executive Producer/Director, A&E/Scott Free

Nightmares And Dreamscapes By Stephen King

2006-2007, Multiple Episodes, TNT/Coote HayesProductions/Ostar Enterprises

The Company

2006-2007, Director, TNT/Scott Fre

Salem's Lot

2004-2005, Director, TNT/Warner Bros.

The Grid

2004-2005, Director, TNT/BBC Worldwide Productions

Band Of Brothers

2001-2002, Multiple Episodes, HBO/HBO/Dreamworks/Playtone


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Academy Awards

1990, nominated, Best Cinematography for "The Abyss"
1992, nominated, Best Effects/Visual Effects for "Backdraft"

American Society of Cinematographers

1990, nominated, Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases for "The Abyss"

BAFTA Awards

1992, nominated, Best Special Visual Effects for "Backdraft"

CableACE Awards

1989, won, Direction of Photography and/or Lighting Direction for "The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains"

Christopher Awards

2002, won, Television and Cable for "Band of Brothers"

Directors Guild of America Awards

2011, nominated, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Programs for "Unnatural History"
2009, nominated, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television/Miniseries for "The Andromeda Strain" 
2008, nominated, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television/Miniseries for "The Company"

OFTA Television Awards

2002, won, Best Direction of a Motion Picture or Miniseries for "Band of Brothers"
2002, nominated, Best Direction in a Drama Series for "Alias"

Primetime Emmy Awards

2008, nominated, Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special for "The Company"
2008, nominated, Outstanding Miniseries for "The Andromeda Strain"
2002, won, Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special for "Band of Brothers"

Robert Festival

1986, won, Best Cinematography for "The Flying Devils"

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